Austenville Owl's Club
A Rental Facility on Lake Banook






1. All rental events must meet the standards of Club decorum and respect the Nova Scotia Government Alcohol and Gaming Regulations and the Liquor License restrictions imposed under the Austenville Owls Club License.


2. Renter shall ensure that the limitations as outlined by the Fire Marshall for the number of persons permitted in the event locations are not violated. The Bar Custodian and/or the Duty Bar Tender have the authority to ensure that these guidelines are enforced.


3. The Bar Custodian, Bar Chairman and/or Duty Bar Tender in the Club have the authority to refuse alcohol to any individual(s) on the Club Premises or Property who is deemed to be intoxicated based on the opinion of the aforementioned.


4. Public Rentals are for use of The Lakeview Room and Grounds only, unless otherwise approved in advance prior to the event. Access to the upstairs club room is for members of the club only. Any visitors attending an event as part of a rental contract, should they wish access to the upper club rooms, must be signed in upstairs by a club member and must depart the members lounge with the club member when the member departs.


5. All Rates are plus applicable taxes.  Note: A pre-event fee may be levied if the premises are required by the applicant the day before the actual rental to set up, decorate or for other purposes.  The Fee charged will be an additional $125.00 above the rental rate quoted.



This includes a general rental to any individual, public group or organization, not for profit organization or business regardless whether that group, organization or business is owned by or affiliated in any way with a member of the Austenville Owls Club.  A deposit of 50% of the rental fee will be required upon signing of a rental agreement.



This includes rental to non-club members for family events and rentals for event/function purposes to Service Clubs (as defined by the CRA), Charitable Organizations and Organized Sporting Events providing they are not conducting a fund raiser. Members rate is $100.00.



This includes general rental to the public including Club members, Service Clubs and Charitable organizations for the purpose of a meeting / seminar only. No rental charge will be levied upon a Member of the Austenville Owls Club or a members family for a reception following a funeral or memorial service for a member or an immediate family member. Exceptions may be considered/implemented for multiple event renters under Class C.



This includes all official club functions organized by members of the Austenville Owls Club.   


6. It is not permitted, under our Liquor License, to bring personal alcoholic beverages of any form into the Austenville Owls Club or on to the grounds of the club. Wine purchased on behalf of rental events, by the Bar Custodian, will be subject to a corkage fee. Bar Tending services shall be arranged through the Bar Custodian at a cost of $14.00 per hour with a minimum charge of four hours per event.

(Updated September 1, 2015


7. All rentals that utilize the club’s BBQ and /or kitchen equipment and utensils will pay a fee of $50.00 per event. This requirement must be indicated on the original rental application to ensure the natural gas BBQ is available for the event and the kitchen prepared for use.  

8. The applicant has the responsibility to clean the premises following the event however, should the Club Rental facilities not be cleaned then a cleaning fee of $25.00 will be levied on the sponsor of the event.  If the kitchen utensils and other equipment including the BBQ are utilized then the cleaning fee will increase to $50.00. (See para 7 above) This amount will be determined upon application for rental.  This increase in the cleanup fee will apply to all rentals under terms outlined by the club.  Arrangements for clean up after an event shall be made in advance with the Bar Custodian.


9. In the case of a cancellation of an event the renter will be reimbursed his/her deposit minus a ten percent (10%) administrative fee to be paid to the Club. In addition any inventory purchased by the Club on behalf of the event will be recovered from the deposit or invoiced to the applicant as required.


10. Decorations placed in the club or on club property during a rental shall be removed subsequent to the event by the renter within twenty four hours of the completion of the event or through prior agreement with the Bar Custodian.


11. Liquor cannot be consumed in the parking lot adjacent to Oakdale Crescent on club property. Any liquor taken outside to the lake side of the club shall be in a plastic cup. There are to be no drink glasses or bottles taken outside of the building envelope for the purposes of consuming alcohol.


12. Smoking is not permitted on the club premises at any time. Smoking is permitted in the designated area of the parking lot containing an appropriate butt receptacle which is to be used. Smoking is not permitted on the decks other than the designated smoking area off the members lounge on the top floor.


13. In order to facilitate good relations between the renting clients and the members of the Club it is suggested that parking arrangements be discussed with the Bar Custodian. It is helpful if guests at the club utilize the right side of the club parking lot, adjacent to The Lakeview Room entrance thus reducing the inconvenience of shuffling vehicles to enable members and/or guests to vacate the premises as they wish.


All those renting the Austenville Owls Club premises shall read and acknowledge the Rental Regulations attached to the official Rental Agreement and a copy will be attached to the Rental Agreement provided by the Bar Custodian.


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